Two more Scourged World Adventures!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to test out two new adventures, “Fanning the Flames” and “The Bell of St. Adhigur” at ConnCon 2019!

The first was “Fanning the Flames”, which I originally wrote for ShireCon 2018. I made some changes to the original story, but the fate of poor Albo Treetoes was the same. This time, a small band of dwarves investigated the possibility of finding a lost Dwarven hold. A troll, wily halfling, albino lizard men, and undead later, they finally got their wish.

In the adventure: “The Bells of St. Adhigur”, we had a full house. The table was bursting at the seams! And we got to see many new playbooks such as the Elven Queen’s Emissary, the Halfling Burglar, and the Gnomish Wanderer. They joined favorites like the Dwarven Greyblood Priest, Dwarven Warrior, and everyone’s favorite, the Dwarven Demolitionist.

The Dwarven Playbooks will be my first releases. Stay tuned for more information.

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